Iconic Organic Market Farm

White Buffalo Farm is extraordinary in every way!  Our fruit is a pure and rare treat!  We produce one hundred tons of organic fruit in a good year;  so, there is plenty! We also grow tons of heirloom tomatoes, squash and many other leafy greens, herbs and vegetables!   If you are interested in a harvest share, click here.  You may also find us at the Telluride and Gunnison Farmers Markets.

No other farm offers White Buffalo Farm’s unique mix of plentiful water, upper valley remoteness, years of organic farming practices, orchard diversity, iconic history, end-of-the-road seclusion, adjacent wildlands and frost-protecting river winds!  Click here for real estate listing.

The farm’s rejuvenated organic soil, abundance of unpolluted water, secluded end-of-the-road mountain setting, mellow biking proximity to charming Paonia, and riparian habitat adjacent to wilderness make this farm an exceptional natural resource to be cherished and protected for future generations.

Wayne Talmage, the farm’s owner, is nearing retirement and his children are unable to succeed him.  Wayne seeks to hand over his trail blazing farm to a new generation. Wayne is looking for farm partners to join him and learn how to run his farm. and expand operations.  Seller-financing, leasing and on-farm training are options.

If you wish to visit the farm as a prospective farm partner, buyer, advisor or farm benefactor in view of this transition, we welcome your inquiry!Learn More

Farm Visits & Stays

We offer workshops in organics, natural building and bioregional cuisine. Join us for a farm tour and culinary feast with a bioregional flair.  The farm’s revised 2014 schedule soon to be available.

USDA-Organic-Seal-BW80x White Buffalo Farm is earth-friendly and organic since 1974.  We offer 6 month apprenticeships and 2 month internships. With time, farm apprenticeships indelibly transform a beginning farmer into a savvy organic farmer in tune with the cascading array of conditions one faces in making farming your livelihood.  Further details may be found on BeginningFarmers.org and in the USDA ATTRA directory. We welcome diversity! For apprenticeships and internships, openings are limited. When you are ready, contact us.

In 2014, we are restructuring to ensure the farm’s best possbile transition.  We have openings for several work exchange staff positions!  If you have two or more years of solid farming or other professional experience, these may be a good fit.  In particular, Wayne is looking for a farmer partner or three ready to learn how to run this farm.  Other staff positions ensure the ideal transition as Wayne prepares the farm for his retirement.   Join us!Farm Partner and Staff Openings

Farm Sustainability

To steward this unique ecological, historical and cultural resource, there are many transition possibilities.  In one scenario, a team of social entrepreneurs might secure start-up funding for a farm-based eco-village in which individuals thrive by developing their own small business rooted in a farm-based livelihood.

In this scenario, a management team would jointly operate and ensure the farm’s financial viability through annual fees assessed on individually operated micro-enterprise such as cheeses, preserves, herbal remedies, an organic seed company, honey products, soaps and other small batch artisan goods.  A non-profit education center, cafe and B&B would also flourish.  Visitors may access the farm directly from the West Elk Scenic Byway Loop.

As the project takes life, members of the farm-based eco-village would likely deliberate on next steps and seasonal planning based on recommendations made by a farm leadership work group.  The work group itself might be composed of a rotating membership of individuals selected for complementarity of knowledge, aptitude, education, availability and other jointly-identified qualifications. Ecovillage Updates

Scenes of the Farm