Organic Farming Practices

/Organic Farming Practices

October Harvest ~ tons of apples

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We grow a variety of apples including Winesaps, Galas, Akanes, Macintosh, Jonathan’s and others.

Interns at Spring Time


Cilantro starts being tenderly transplanted in the herb “garden.”

In Our Starter Greenhouse


Low cost, highly-efficient wood heat design allows up to 4000 seedlings to germinate in a rotation of two seedings each spring!

We luv peaches!

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We grow early peaches called Red Havens on the farm.  We also lease an orchard from which we harvest later including Cresthaven, J.H. Hale, and O’Henrys!

White Buffalo Connections

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This wonderful art naif painting is the gift of a young woman volunteer who worked on the farm around 2002. We use the painting at our farmers market stand every week in Gunnison and Telluride.  This young woman later obtained her farming degree at University of California, Santa Cruz and continues to make her livelihood as a farmer.

Soon later, our farm logo was also drawn up by a volunteer on the farm as a label for our damson plum jam sold at our farmers markets.  The logo depicts a white buffalo emerging from the clouds, the thunder beings, above White Buffalo Mountain.  The phrase “restoring our food, our earth and ourselves” was added in 2010.

As early as the late 1970s, the White Buffalo Organics brand referred to the only organic fruit on the Western Slope then available on the Front Range, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Texas and California.

The mountain in the backdrop of our web page reveals a white limestone feature shaped much like a buffalo. This mountain is the source of our domestic drinking water and had the name White Buffalo Mountain according to Ute stories and personal interviews.  Settlers renamed the mountain, Lamborn Mountain, in keeping with their Christian beliefs and analogies to the “lamb of God” in the New Testament.  So, the farm’s namesake mountain presides over the valley and is reflected in the stories of two spiritual traditions: the Christian stories and the stories of the People of the Shining Mountains, the Ute.

The farm was given the name, White Buffalo Farm, long before the re-emergence of sacred white buffalo in the 1990s.  In fact, the farm was given its name in the mid 1970s after one of the back-to-the-lander farm founders returned […]

Keepin’ this ole truck runnin’


On the road into the farm, Wayne at the wheel of our 1950 GMC one and a half ton flatbed truck.  Thank you Paul Douglas for the fine gift! It’s the farm’s favorite truck!

The southern hills in the backdrop rise up into the West Elk Wilderness Area, a refuge for many of Colorado’s wildland species.