Fabulous Certified Organic Harvest Shares!

USDA organic fruit and vegetables weekly CSA year round!  In Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), you support a farmer by buying a share of their harvest.  White Buffalo offers a “super flexi CSA” so that you can help this long-standing, historic organic farm while also maintaining flexibility in when you receive a share, in share contents and in your payment plan.  That is, unlike many CSAs, you don’t have to prepay for the whole season and you don’t have to pick up a share every week like if you are away on a planned holiday or if you would prefer a share every other week. Learn more by scrolling past the images.

We also offer CSA fruit shares for folks ready to pick up a pre-paid share on the farm at harvest time!  You can customize your share with early pre-ordering.  Also, special discounts if you wish to distribute fruit in your area with fruit house parties and fun on-farm get-togethers!

Old JohnnyHeirloom Tomatoes-21 KindsBushels of Apples - 21 bushels in a bin!Cherry BlossomPeaches: RedHaven, Cresthaven, O'Henry and more!

What’s in a CSA weekly harvest share?

In our weekly CSA, we are a diverse farm offering many varieties of fruit: apricots, cherries, plums, peaches, Asian pears, pears, and apples!  We grow delicious lettuce and leafy greens for our members year round.

We grow many varieties of heirloom tomatoes and squash too!  Plus lots more amazing organic produce!  We also offer artisan food items like preserves, traditional breads and cheeses.  A favorite for many members, we provide USDA certified organic eggs on the Western Slope in our CSA share each week!  Certified means you know the feed the chickens eat is GMO-free.

Our harvest shares provide high-energy goodness!

  • We offer the purest water and air (no overspray) of any farm in the region due to our location at the top of the valley;  enjoy the flavorful and nutritious benefit of soils rejuvenated for 40 years!
  • Enjoy our weekly newsletter! We offer cooking know-how beyond recipes (set to begin June 2014).  You will find yourself experiencing the seasonal food rhythms of our wonderful region and enjoy anecdotes from the farm!
  • The farm demonstrates bioregional cuisine rooted in French culinary traditions and “savoir-vivre.”  To experience this first hand, visit the farm during one of our workshops or farm tours!

What our CSA community says

Thank you for feeding us healthy and diverse food!  I do recommend you to everyone.
I always enjoy my share.  Thank you so much!
Thank you so much for the box of love!
It’s awesome getting the healthy food week after week!
I was very pleased with the “goody” box!
We love getting our box from the farm each week.
We love your food.  Thank you so much!
Looks like another great box of goodies from WBF!
My children look forward to discovering what is in their farm box each week.  Thank you!
We are loving the fresh and wonderful food.
This farm is a jewel of Colorado… ! It’s true, their peaches are the best we’ve EVER had. Period.
  • Spring sign ups are especially helpful to farmers!  Consider paying ahead for three months or even six at discounted rates!($42.50/week)
  • Other payment plans are weekly($45/week), monthly($180/month) or by the box($47.50/week);
  • User-friendly online member dashboard allows you to schedule your weekly shares and even hold a share if you are away.
  • Join or renew at any time – Summer, Fall, Winter, or Spring.
  • Nourish yourself with gorgeous, vibrant, beautiful tasting food!

Hey! Food artisans and vendors of local and certified ORGANIC!

We offer customized harvest share pre-orders of our amazing fruit! Varietal cherries, varietal apricots, Santa Rosa Plums, Italian Prune Plums, Damascus Damson Plums, varietal Peaches, Bartlett Pears, D’Anjou Pears, varietal Asian Pears and varietal Apples.

We are a Regionally Supported Farm!  Our diverse 40 years organic orchard is a unique treasure and a haven for pollinators and other beneficials!  Our fruit is boutique quality, rare, and picked just right by loving volunteers! Our certified organic food is grown with pure water and in upper valley pure air.

Food artisan and retailer pricing available only on over 120lbs at a time of any fruit combo then available at time of pick up. Pick up on farm or at our Gunnison (Sat) or Telluride (Fri) Farmers Markets. Contact us to discuss pricing and to customize your pre-order! Thank you, no double discount (April coupon) on volume pricing.  Pre-order a volume customized fruit share TODAY!


Thank you for supporting the farm as Wayne retires!

  • Wayne Talmage, the farm’s co-founder and owner, is an organic farming pioneer and elder;  he is getting too old to run the farm solo and his children do not farm.
  • So, we are building a management team to expand production and develop new farm-based ventures.  We hope this new team can buy the farm and grow the full potential of this story book place! Else, we look forward to selling the farm to another group of talented social entrepreneurs, or even a young farm family!
  • As the farm transitions, we are guiding a new CSA coordinator with farming experience as they learn the ropes!  Expect the CSA to become more and more attuned to your  joyful cooking aspirations when it comes to local and organic!
  • Wayne will hand over the CSA program to the farm’s new owners or the emerging ecovillage community that will run White Buffalo Farm.
  • Renew your membership now!  Spring is an especially helpful time to fund the farm!  Pruning, soil tending and seedlings require funds and we appreciate your support!