Farm Partnership and Staff Openings

A Story Book Place to Farm!

White Buffalo Farm has a wonderful opportunity for aspiring farmers, experienced farmers or farm couples who would like to be part of changing our food system to a more sustainable model. We are looking for enthusiastic person(s) to take part in the evolution of this pioneering organic farm as its co-founder/farmer nears retirement.

We are looking for Farmer Partner(s) to come on board to do what it takes to run this farm in a team setting.  For 2014 and 2015, we are recruiting individuals to learn the core farm operations and perform those functions and/or develop farm-based micro-enterprise such as a herb company, seed company, cheese company, honey and more.   We will consider farm partners of varying levels of farming experience. In any case, you would learn the inner workings of the farm.  To the extent needed, we will teach you fruit and vegetable farming and all else involved in running our diverse organic market farm in Paonia, Colorado.  We will also consider well-crafted proposals for organic farm-based micro-enterprise ventures.  Mentoring and planning support is available.  We will also provide collaborative decision-making facilitation and training for the incoming group and ongoing as new partners come on board.

Of course, solid farming or organic food movement experience is preferred.  We are open to inexperienced farm partners with maturity, solid education and/or relevant life experience. The farm’s owner will train individuals considering a change of career who wish to get into organic farming.  If you do not have substantial existing farm experience, you must be able to invest in the farm’s transition. That investment can be in in the form of capital or sweat equity drawing upon farming or other business skills.  Depending on your farming skill level, you could come in anywhere from apprentice to farm crew lead to farmer.

So, as potential farm partners, you would become part of this season’s farm management team to operate the farm during the farm’s transition and possibly beyond.  If we bring you on board, you are welcome to take part in efforts to build a FARM-BASED ECOVILLAGE on the farm.  If needed, you as a group would work together on funding the purchase of the farm. The specifics of this depend on the individual and other team members as the season progresses.  We are actively engaged in attracting funder(s) and investor(s) in such a farm-based eco-village initiative.  We will update this website frequently.

The team is comprised of full and part time work exchange positions essential to farm operations.  Micro-enterprise entrepreneurs are also welcome to contribute to farm team-planning and decision-making, but for this year must also take part in core operations at some level.  Specific 2014 work exchange positions follow:

Vegetable or Fruit Farmer(s) to come on board to do what Wayne does and learn the inner workings of farming and marketing fruit and veges at White Buffalo (45 to 55 hours per week).  Five or more years of full charge vegetable market farming experience preferred.  Certified organic fruit farming experience welcome!  Solid tractor and mechanical skills preferred.  Marketing and farm education experience also desired.  We are building a team of farmers with complimentary skill sets.

Food Artisan (45 to 55 hours per week) – Prepares speciality farm-to-table items for our farm community, visitors, workshop participants and our CSA members.  The Food Artisan works closely with the farm’s Community Kitchen Manager/Cook to support vibrant meals on the farm.  Kitchen Manager/Cook and Food Artisan provide mutual assistance in rhythm with core farming activities.  Weekly stocking projects include power bars, samosas, granola, yogurt, ferments, cheeses, ghee, kombucha, salad dressing, herbal teas and hydrating drinks for the crew, infused oils and vinegars and more.  Coordinates the preparation of all baked goods on the farm for good health and optimal showcasing of our fruits and other produce.  When harvest season arrives, puts up our foods for winter including preserves, dried goods, canned goods and freezing. Profit share for these value-added items will be provided.  We are looking for someone with capacity for product and market development including costing and pricing.  Organizes menus for special events and workshops on the farm.  The Food Artisan orchestrates our weekly Saturday evening pizza making celebration centered around our outdoor oven each week.   Must be bioregionally savvy, wise in the culinary traditions of intact food systems around the globe, nutritionally balanced, calm and pleasant.  Must be open to taking direction from farm management.  This is an excellent opportunity to build one’s resume regarding farm-to-table know how!  We also welcome someone interested in developing a White Buffalo Farm cookbook for year end gift giving and fundraising.

FILLED – CSA Coordinator (45 to 55 hours per week) – solid computer skills, marketing skills and at least two years of farming experience.

Administrative Assistant/Bookkeeper (25 hours per week) – Accounting and Quickbooks experience required. Demonstrated organizational and computer competency including computer maintenance; excellent research, computation and writing skills preferred. Procurement experience preferred.  Capacity to evolve into a fully responsible financial management/controller role preferred.

FILLED – Community Outreach Specialist (25 hours per week) – Marketing including online and at farm events;  event planning and target audience research;  grant research; manage content and audience engagement across platforms. Policy and messaging development.  WordPress, social media and graphics skills required. 

FILLED –  Farmkeeper/Farm Tour and Orientation Guide (25 hours per week) – excellent organizational and people skills; housekeeping coordinator and housekeeper, as needed; check in and check out; farm crew training for general housekeeping and site upkeep; farm tours and events coordinator.

Handy Man/Site Coordinator/Natural Builder (25 hours per week) – able to work with wood, plumbing, paint, drywall, and even electrical?  Experienced natural builder could run workshops on the farm in view of building bale-cob cottages, a cob harvest house, weatherizing the wash station, adding a watson wick and much more!

Community Kitchen Manager and Cook (45 to 55 hours per week) – Coordinates seasonal, organic, vibrant, high-energy, bioregional meals for everyone living on the farm. Organizes our kitchen routines and conducts meal planning and preparation for three meals a day, six days a week. Cooks most meals and also supervises meal preparation by other members of our farm community and educates on food preparation, as needed or desired.  Manages the farm food budget and conducts purchasing including at local stores, co-op orders and other wholesale or farming/ranching/fishing sources.  We provide primarily a vegetarian diet with occasional offerings of organic and humanely raised meats. We serve sourdough, organic wheat-based breads and tortillas, as a staple. Must be able to cook with eggs, milk, wheat, nuts and raw milk. We are not a vegan nor a paleo kitchen; however, we never serve low-quality dairy products such as processed cheeses and use cheese for flavor in small portions typical of cuisine around the world.  We avoid constant use of wheat products and encourage grain variety.  We seek variety in whole grain and bean preparations for both health and enjoyment.  Ensures foods are properly stored; serves freshest possible foods and minimizes waste.  Knowledgeable in fuel efficiency and enjoys cooking with a solar oven, when possible.  Understands culinary kitchen gardens; is experienced in gardening and herbs; composts waste effectively.  Provides options and slight modifications for dietary restrictions such a celiac or lactose intolerance.  Knowledgeable ingredient label watcher.  Must have years of experience cooking for themselves as a part of a joyful and healthy lifestyle.  Must be very organized, great communicator, upbeat, good-hearted, and deeply attentive to hygiene.  Coordinates regular deep cleaning of our community kitchen.  In our kitchen, whoever cooks washes their own dishes.  All members of community contribute to kitchen deep cleaning, daily cleaning and washing their own dishes.  We are not looking for a cooking star or food evangelist.  Must be open to taking direction from farm management.  We are looking for someone to nourish our community and encourage all to participate in the creative and sacred endeavor of exquisite, yet sustainable, bioregional cuisine to benefit all.  Our kitchen is both art studio and cultural exchange moving us all towards vibrant good health. We seek an individual ready to take us all on an adventure in which our community refines its ability to taste subtlety and freshness.  We are hoping for someone who can entice our community members to taste real food, to notice a range of flavors, to refine their “palate” beyond the zing of salt, sugar and fat. We seek someone to encourage the ubiquitous global tradition of savoring your food, “degustation” and slowly eating for the sheer pleasure of good company, good food and good health.

Note:  Part time positions are desk jobs. So for connecting all together, good health and fun, we encourage you to help the community by going out of doors and joining in on either farming, farm markets or community beautification.  5 hours of your 25 are set aside for this.

Open until filled.  Job descriptions available upon request.

In any of the above positions for this season, you would be hired in a work exchange staff position.  The farm’s work exchange provides housing, meals, and other amenities. Positions also offer a small monthly stipend, deferred stipend with sale of farm, plus seasonal bonus.  Commission possible (for full time staff only) on CSA membership growth, artisan good sales, and workshop revenues!

The season is underway!  Although the farm is for sale, finding the right buyer or evolving the farm into a fundable farm management team/eco-village could take some time.  And, who knows, you might be that buyer?! or team member.  We are ready to train people who would like to take over this farm operation or be ready to work for potential funders or buyers of the farm to possibly include philanthropists, large retail fruit buyer or a foundation with an environmental or public health mission.  There are no guarantees, but its a great opportunity!

Send letter of intent and resume to grow [at] whitebuffalofarm [dot] org